sinofex  Company


About us

We refer to all client’s projects with a high level of preparation and the necessary distance and attention to detail. Whether you are interested website development and its optimization for work, for digital ads on social networks, or for branding, we work with one level of loyalty and professionalism. We are proud that we know how to make the best use of our customers, listen to their desires and fulfill their wishes in a highly professional manner. In short, you will receive a service that is completely tailored to your business needs.




All media channels


We monitor /Social Listening/ all websites in the entire publicly accessible Bulgarian Internet space, social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram /*beta!/ and YouTube, all national and regional print medias, leading TV and radio channels.




Data structuring


We structure each piece of relevant content immediately after indexing, according to multiple parameters, incl. author, time, media channel, source, estimated reach and ad-equivalent /*beta!/, text sample, scanned original & much more.




Intuitive UI


We deliver filtered, structured and analyzed data through an in-house developed visualization system, incl. modules for statistical analysis, reports, graphs & many other professional tools available 24/7 from any Internet browser or mobile device.

Our vision

Authentic, creative, innovative, and different - this is us, Sinofex Company!


Our core values are enthusiasm, ambition, improvement, cooperation, aiming sustainable results, and professional ethics.


The principles we follow are perpetual learning, focus, attention to detail, creativity, high quality, team spirit, planning, analysis, and initiative.

All content types

We index and filter all of the relevant media content, nomatter if generated by organizations, medias, or individuals /UGC – Content generated by Internet users on social networks, blogs, forums, comment sections, and other web sites/.

Content & content analysis

We analyze and tag each individual piece of content at the time of its indexing based on its emotional charge and its contextual relevance to any of your business’ elements – products, quality, prices, competititors… according to your individual needs.


We build accurate, measurable data-based digital strategies, consult our clients in the areas of marketing, PR and digital marketing and implement successful advertising campaigns based on our insider knowledge of your customers’ preferences.


*Monitoring of all channels and unlimited number of Internet media

*Internet users generated content /UGC/

*Information concerning yours and / or competitive organizations

*Relevancy filter – a news feed incl. only relevant contents

*Sentiment and content analysis of each publication

*Customized parameters for data organization

*Multiple detailed metrics, options for data export and notifications

*Statistical and trend analysis panel with chart generator

*Newsfeed with an intuitive interface and a functional search engine

*Simultaneous translation of the entire system in more than 100 languages ​​/ * beta! /

*Weekly / monthly analysis with summary, conclusions and recommendation